Investment Review
Michael L Piels CPA LLP Investment ReviewWe will act as your sounding board.

We will review your investment ideas with you and your investment advisor and suggest the best structure to maximize your after-tax return. Don't ignore the impact of taxes on your investments.
While taxes should not drive your investment strategy, understanding how taxes affect your earnings
will help you minimize taxes and maximize your return.

Consider these items:
Capital gains carry a favored tax status. Consider putting more dollars in investments that return capital gains.
You can take an annual deduction of up to $3,000 of capital losses in excess of capital gains. Consider balancing your winners and losers to maximize this deduction each year.
Investments which produce high taxable annual income can be given to family members who are in lower tax brackets, thereby saving taxes for the overall family group.
Depending on your tax bracket, you may benefit from investing in municipal bonds. The level of these investments may need to be adjusted as your total income picture changes.

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